Welcome to The Mill Museum! / Bienvenidos al Museo Molino!

Welcome to the Mill Museum

New Video by Shane Goodrich


On-Going Exhibit: Blue Collar, Pink Collar, White Collar

Amer_Thread tshirtBlue Collar, Pink Collar, White Collar: American Work Clothes from Colonial Times to the Present

“Blue Collar, White Collar, Pink Collar” is the history of work clothes.  The items include both men and women’s garments, and represent numerous different types of labor, from mill work, to nursing, office work, and even baseball.

This program is affiliated with “Connecticut at Work,” an initiative created by Connecticut Humanities that explores the past, present, and future of work life in Connecticut.  






Labor Day – Child Labor Protest Reenactment

child labor


Monday, Sept. 7  @ 6:00pm

Join the protest against Child Labor, Meet some 19th and early 20th c. activists.  Join in the March of the Mill Children with Mother Jones.  Come dressed as 1903 mill workers or injured people (optional).



Studies in Quilt History

quilting-clip-art-125191September 19, 2015
9:30 – 3:30pm

CT Quilts with Sue Reich

Everyone loves to spend time with old quilts.  Join us for the third event of this series of workshops offering the opportunity to closely view, study and share 200 years of quilt history.



Wizard of Oz Exhibit


Visit somewhere over the Rainbow as the Windham Textile and History Museum exhibits the OZ collection of Luzella Roos of Windham. 

Related scheduled special events: children’s party; trivia and game night; movie lecture and discussion; and movie night.


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