Welcome to The Mill Museum! / Bienvenidos al Museo Molino!

Welcome to the Mill Museum

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Mill Of The Month – June 25th


Textile Trio Events: Quilting, Knitting, Weaving/Spinning

at the Windham Textile and History Museum June 11, 18 & 25, 201 

IMG_0123Announcing a series of three separate summer Saturday events to be held at the Windham Textile and History Museum, Willimantic, Ct. 06226. These events will be held at the museum’s two sites at 411 Main St. and at 159 Union St. www.millmuseum.org 860.456.2178 themillmuseum@gmail.com.

Each Saturday will focus on one aspect of the world of plant or animal fibers used in Quilting, Knitting, and Weaving/Spinning. Each Saturday will include experts in the related field to share knowledge and experience, docents to help teach the craft, historians speaking of early production, commercial outlets, and music with appropriate songs and ballads accompanying. There will be demonstrations, hands-on samples and materials for beginners to use. The public is invited to come share their projects and skills, learn from others, tour the Textile Museum, and spend the day.

The daily schedule will be 10-4, with set times for presentations such as a lecture, demonstration, or entertainment. The museum will provide tables and chairs as needed. Visitors are charged $10 adult, $5 child which includes a full tour of the museum itself. Food and beverage from local establishments will be offered for sale.

Leaders, demonstrators and lecturers are invited to bring their wares to sell at no fee to the museum. Commercial fiber-related vendors are invited to set up stalls/displays.

June 11 Quilting & Fiber Arts– Melanie Johnston (mjfiberart@gmail.com), Joan Blade Johnson (loveartquilts@gmail.com) Hampton are the leaders. View or Download Quilting and Fiber Arts Schedule of Demos & Lectures

June 18 Knitting – June 18th is the 12th annual celebration of World Wide Knit in Public Day. View or Download Knitting Schedule of Demos & Lectures

June 25 Weaving/Spinning – Peggy Church, (peggychurch@earthlink.net) professional weaver/spinner, Chaplin will lead.  View or Download Weaving and Spinning Schedule of Demos & Lectures

For more information or to volunteer, call Faith Kenton at 860.456.0817 or email phiona8@sbcglobal.net



New Exhibit: Now Open

Irish Eyes: The Irish Experience in a Connecticut Mill Town

Beginning with the Famine in the 1840s, thousands of Irish came to Willimantic and other Connecticut mill towns, seeking a new life. The first of the “new immigrants,” the Irish were often viewed with hostility by native New Englanders: they practiced a different religion (Roman Catholicism rather than Protestantism), sometimes spoke a different language (Irish Gaelic), and had different customs. They were often poor, refugees fleeing an oppressive regime, and sometimes held radical political ideas. Yet the Irish paved the way for waves of other “new immigrants” that followed them: French Canadians, Poles, Latinos, and others. Come see the the third in the Mill Museum’s series of exhibits about the diverse ethnic groups who came to Willimantic, CT, to help build the Thread City: the Irish.

Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Feb. 12 through Oct. 9.

Co-sponsored by the Irish Club of Willimantic.


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