Mill Documents

Curated by Jared M. Leitzel


Each Folder contains a brief write-up for the whole set.  Each write-up contains the Title of the folder, the searchable DOC or Folder Name/Number and a brief explanation, followed by the total number of items individually marked.


Gem Rug Yarn – Document Folder 101.  Dated between: August 1942 – July 1943.  Correspondence regarding label design and label samples. Contains 18 images.

Memorandum of Spool Bars Received – Document Folder 100.  Dated between: June 1944 – June 1975.  Various miscellaneous spool labels, receipts and invoices.  Contains 17 images.

Spool Bars Unloaded – Document Folder 99.  Individually dated between: March 13, 1947 – May 15, 1959.   Receipts and invoices for materials.  Contains 7 images.


Collapsible Ballwinding Spindle – Document Folder 39. Individually dated between: Oct 6 – Feb 13, 1925. Unique and individual engineering schematics for components.  Contains 18 images.

Loom Bobbin Winders and components – Document Folder 38. Dates range: 5/12/1941 – 8/27/1945. Shows start to finish hand sketches to trace paper schematics in the engineering process.  27 Images.

“Picker Notebook” – Document Folder #4. Marked from Putnam Trade School, C.M.M.C., and A.C.S. What appears to be a complete course in calculating production values for a turn of the century Picking machine and yarn spinning for use in industrial textile mills. This vast book contains a combination of handwritten and typed pages, along with longhand calculations for various required needs. It includes a Lithograph of Picking Machine. Total 105 pages.

Tube Cutting Machine – Document A-0120. Contains various schematics various components necessary to construct and repair a tube cutting machine.  On high quality engineering paper.  Various dates range 1941-1945.  97 images.

Tube Rolling Machine – Document Folder 33.  Hand drawn sketches and trace paper schematics.  Dated 10/13/1926.  Contains 73 images.


Hannums Hartford Business College Practice Money – Document Folder 43. Dated: August 1877. Currency provided by the Business Practice Department. Each hand signed by a Cashier and the President. Each bill shows exquisite art unique to the corresponding bill on front, all contain the same pattern on back. Denominations include 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500. All are beautiful mint condition items with several multiples. Used at the school to train money handling processes needed in the Business climate.

Willimantic Thread Company 1 Share. – Document A-0289front. Green. Dated:  May 11, 1933.  In the name of H. L. Bucanan and CC. Embossed with multiple holes punched though.

Willimantic Thread Company 100 Shares. – Document A-0291front Blue.  Dated: Feb 15, 1949, Feb 16, 1949, Jul 24, 1958.  In the name of Mrs. Mary C S Austin.  Embossed with multiple holes punched though.  A circled 800 is scrawled across the right side above the center line.


GIRL IN BONNET” – Document Folder 42. Dated circa 1900. Lovely blonde woman in blue dress with bonnet. Images of front and back are included.  Post Card Stock.

LITTLE BOY BLUE, COME BLOW YOUR HORN” 1911. DOC – X-0005. Picturesque artwork depicting the children’s nursery rhyme. Irregular Card Stock.

WASHING IN DEW FROM THE HAWTHORN TREE” 1911 – Document Folder X-0003. Beautiful idyllic scene of young girl in a dress matching the blossoms of a Hawthorn tree in spring. Irregular Card Stock.


Strike of 1925 – Document Folder #29.  This contains personal communiqué between Mr. Moxon and Mr. Earl Holmes and “Russell” regarding finding replacements for striking workers in the Willimantic mills.  Contains addresses, names and locations from where they attempted to find workers, as well as misplaced workers’ addresses in the company owned housing.  The letter from Russell to Mr. Moxon contains discourse of the solidarity of workers at the time, and the respect they had for the striking workers in Willimantic.  This collection includes a list of families relocated from Manchester, New Hampshire for the same purpose.  Contains 13 items.